We are hiring

We are hiring

TOPICODESK is a truly independent blockchain voice, and we’re looking for cryptocurrency journalists. The foundation of our work is not dictated by advertisers – because we have none. Our business model relies on private funding and donations from our readers, and we advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency into mainstream life.

Our model is as successful as it is innovative. In less than four months, with a marketing budget of approximately zero dollars, we’ve organically grown a media property that is already serving 100,000 readers per month – and that number is expanding rapidly.

We are building a news team from the ground-up. And we’re looking for the most outstanding talent only.

As a news writer / journalist for TOPICODESK, you’ll deliver short, snappy, relevant news items to our readers. We strongly emphasize engaging writing that caters to a highly-intelligent audience. Our readers are both early adopters and crypto newbies, but their common denominator is that they’re hunting for smart and informed work.

What we are looking for in a cryptocurrency journalist:

• The ability to select intriguing news stories and locate primary and secondary sources.

• The tenacity to deliver a minimum of 15 articles of 450-750 words each, every week.

• A willingness to promote your own pieces through our social media channels.

• Knowledge of best-practice SEO techniques.

• The potential to assist the publishing team in preparing the work for WordPress.

• Exceptional attention to detail and fact-checking skills.

• Demonstrable writing expertise in business markets.

• An understanding of journalistic ethics, and ideally, U.S. First Amendment rights.

• A strong interest in, and aptitude for, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

• The discerning ability to add a little irreverence and a clever headline to a news item.

What we are NOT looking for in a cryptocurrency journalist:

• A long track record in cryptocurrency writing. It might help, but it’s not necessary.

• Opinion or feature writing, how-to guides, ICO reviewers, or analysts. We’re hiring for the news.

• Perfection. You’ll be working alongside an experienced editor who will offer constant advice on how to improve – and who will expect you to learn quickly and take constructive feedback well.

Also worth noting:

• The position will be subject to a ONE-MONTH trial period during which you agree to be paid as a freelance work-for-hire contractor with no formal relationship with Crypto Briefing or its parents and affiliates. The pay will be equivalent to a full-time salary. At the end of a successful trial, which will be defined in our sole discretion, you will be offered the full-time position.

• Plagiarism is grounds for instant dismissal. We have a zero-tolerance policy.

Our team is likely to grow quickly, and we see this as an outstanding opportunity for a highly-ambitious person to gain a strong foothold in an exciting market. Our goal is to rapidly promote quality people from within, and to reward well those who commit to our mission. Ideally, in fact, you’ll write this ad next time we need to hire.

The opportunity is there for the seizing… carpe diem.

Instructions for submitting your application – please read carefully, as we guarantee that 50% of the people who apply for this position will not bother. And therefore, following these simple instructions automatically puts you in the top half of the candidate pool.

  1. Send a link to your LinkedIn profile and make sure it is up-to-date. Feel free to use the subject line ‘Cryptocurrency Journalist’ and your name.
  2. Send links to THREE work samples – if unpublished, host them somewhere. On Medium is fine.
  3. We will NOT open any documents, PDFs, or any other attachments.
  4. In the body of your response, tell us why you are interested in crypto and blockchain; what you can offer our readers; and how you will find stories and sources to become immediately valuable to our company. That’s three separate questions.

We look forward to your application – or if you know someone who might fit, share this post.

Please note – we are also seeking freelance writers. Same standards, different expectations.

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